Whale Sends $77M XRP to Bithumb: Is a Sale Imminent?

• The market experienced a sudden downturn, liquidating $1 billion in leveraged positions as Bitcoin declined.
• Whale Alert reports a massive 150 million XRP transaction to Bithumb.
• Crypto Analyst Identifies XRP Rally Potential.

Market Decline

The market experienced an abrupt downturn on August 17th, liquidating leveraged positions totaling an astonishing $1 billion. This drop occurred as Bitcoin’s value sharply declined toward the $25,000 mark, a descent mirrored by numerous other cryptocurrencies. As a result of the SEC’s appeal approval, Ripple’s XRP was severely impacted and its price plummeted by 15%. This led to the liquidation of leveraged positions surpassing $24 million.

Massive Transaction

Whale Alert reported a large transaction involving 150 million XRP worth approximately $77 million sent to Bithumb, a renowned Korean exchange. The presence of investors considering departures could indicate an upcoming change in XRP’s performance. However, this does not necessarily suggest an imminent crash as cryptocurrency markets often observe substantial transactions due to various motivations that may influence the asset’s future performance differently.

XRP Rally Potential

CryptoInsightUK , a crypto analyst, has highlighted the potential for an imminent rally for XRP due to technical analysis and development progress with RippleNet products and utility upgrades such as PayID . These positive factors might contribute towards overcoming current challenges and XRP regaining its past strength and prominence in the market once again.

Important Considerations

It is important to note that volatile swings are typical in cryptocurrency markets and can be seen as opportunities for investors rather than causes of concern. Monitoring the unfolding developments is critical to assess the possible direction of XRP’s future performance and take advantage of any potential rallies or declines accordingly.


The transfer of $80 million worth of XRP may be significant but it doesn’t guarantee an impending crash since cryptocurrency markets often observe huge transactions influenced by distinct motivations which could have different effects on the asset’s performance over time. It is vital for investors to stay informed about such events while also taking into account technical analysis and development progress when making investment decisions regarding cryptocurrencies like XRP.

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