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Buttons from the election campaigns of US President Trump and challenger Biden
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Everipedia and Chainlink are working together to bring the US election results from The Associated Press (AP) to the Blockchain and put a stop to fake news.

The presidential election in the USA is already making big waves. Opinion polls predict an extremely close outcome. Incumbent Trump is already facing accusations of attempted election rigging, while he accuses the Democrats of the same thing. The postal vote, in particular, is a hotly Bitcoin Aussie System debated issue, because the votes cast in this way could well turn out to be a tip of the scales.


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So it seems only logical to use block chain technology to protect the election results from manipulation. Such a step has now also been taken.

According to its own announcement, the online encyclopaedia Everipedia will cooperate with the Oracle network Chainlink to bring the US election results of The Associated Press (AP) onto the block chain in a highly secure and tamper-proof way. Everipedia and Chainlink’s network node will provide access to US election data via Smart Contracts. This is supported by a cryptographic proof, which is used to verify the data from the shared node. The Associated Press is an influential reporting body. AP has been reporting on US elections at both local and national levels since 1848.

AP relies on verification by block chain
This integration is made possible by using Chainlink’s Oracle infrastructure. It enables the AP to verify and publish the election results across several different block chains simultaneously. By providing high quality data, delivered on-chain and with strong guarantees, Chainlink offers a wide range of new use cases both for DeFi and beyond.

Media reports already note that this method is not 100% secure either. There is still the possibility for someone to hack the core systems of AP. They could also steal the keys that represent the signature of the data. But apart from that, this method is much more reliable than simply sending the counts by e-mail.

In times of fake news, this attempt to use block chaining to do something about false reports is certainly to be welcomed. However, this is not the first attempt to use the block chain in the news world in the USA. Last year the New York Times launched its News Provenance Project to combat misinformation. The project uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to verify the media source and possible subsequent editing of images.

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