Hacker steals Brazilian youtuber channel and starts a crypto coin scam

Young David Damasceno was caught by a hacker who temporarily stole his Curious Universe channel. With 2.4 million subscribers, the Youtube channel created in 2014 was hacked by a criminal who offered $10,000 in Bitcoin to the Brazilian.

The offer on Bitcoin would be for the youtuber to keep the video of a crypto-currency scam, which was posted by the hacker on the channel right after the attack. If the Brazilian left the content on the air, he could win $10,000 in Bitcoin to participate in the scheme.

However, David Damasceno did not accept the criminal offer and reported the stolen channel through Youtube. Although he regained access to the channel, all the videos were deleted by the hacker who spread a scam with Ripple (XRP).

YouTube channel reports Ripple scam (XRP)

Brazilian journalist David Damasceno temporarily lost access to the channel with 2.4 million subscribers that he maintains on Youtube after the invasion of the hackers. According to the messages exchanged with the criminal, the channel would be used for six hours to apply a scam to followers.

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From that moment on, the youtuber would again have access to the Curious Universe channel on Youtube. In an attempt to convince David Damasceno to participate in the plan, the hacker offered 10,000 dollars in Bitcoin to keep the video of a fraud involving the Ripple Cryptcoin (XRP) online.

In total, 26,000 people watched live the hacker who stole the Brazilian YouTube channel. The scam consisted in offering 100 million units (XRP) for free, through a fraud in which the victim initially sends an amount in cryptomoney with the promise of an instant profit from the operation that could double the amount supposedly invested.

However, the victim does not receive the balance in the sent crypt-currency, much less the „double value“ of what was sent. As such, users may have fallen for the scam that promised 100 million (XRP). To keep the crypto-currency scam on the channel uninterrupted, the hacker offered a reward in Bitcoin for the youtuber, who refused payment.

„The guy who contacted me for whatever, in the last conversation I had, told me I would have access to the channel again after six hours. He also said he would get a reward for what happened, $10,000 paid at Bitcoin.


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